The Deli Magazine: "They’re silly and undeniably charming in a Kimya Dawson way, their songs bearing the same honesty and emotion as high school lovebirds." Full Article »

Next Magazine: "[The Search For Colonel Mustard is] a rip-roaring good time. What Ugly Betty is to television, Cheese on Bread is to music." Full Article »

The Advocate: "Antifolk sweethearts [Cheese On Bread] capture the moment with toe-tapping perfection, letting listeners eavesdrop on their banter as they deconstruct boyfriends and slag the vapid." Full Article »

Time Out New York: "Their tenaciously nerdy tunes are a blend of encyclopedic facts and sassy, bloglike rants—many of which are surprisingly touching. Just think of it as comfort food with a kick." Full Article »

The City Paper (Philadelphia): "In books and on screen, deep friendships between straight women and gay men get plenty of play. In popular music, not so much. Cheese on Bread do it right." Full Article »

Splendid Magazine: "It's genuine comedy to hear what sounds like Joan Baez and Raffi singing about sucking cock. Everything [on Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby] is so fluffy and adorable that you'd be inclined to hate them if they weren't actually funny." Full Article »

Gay & Lesbian Times: "Easily one of the most unusual but enthralling discs I've heard in a while... nothing short of delightful." Full Article »

   photo: JJ Tiziou