Philadelphia's City Paper: "While his sound is now a glorious full-on rock thing, his lyrics are just as earnest and chaotic as ever." Full Article »

Metro Weekly: "'They don't like that I say fuck,' he says. 'In preparing for the show, I feel like I'm regressing to my bratty teenage years,' he says with a chuckle. 'Don't tell me what to do, Mom!'" Full Article »

Time Out New York: "Dan Fishback is a funny, bouncy pop upstart!" Full Article »

The Advocate: "Smart, silly and serious." Full Article »

Philadelphia Weekly: "The dude isn't the least bit annoying." Full Article »

The Philadelphia City Paper: "We're digging on Fishback's solo debut." Full Article »

Boog City: "The entire album [Sweet Chastity] is beautiful." Full Article » (Also in PDF) "His vocals are great, but it's his lyrical wit and charming song arrangements that make this album so essential." Full Article »

Clamor Magazine: "[Sweet Chastity] exudes intimacy and wit." Full Article » "Like Elmo fronting Bikini Kill." Full Article » "A bundle of energy in a pink hoodie." Full Article »

Exterminating Angel Press: "Dan Fishback creates some of the wittiest, most emotionally cathartic, yet danceable songs in the antifolk scene." Full Article »

   Photo: Allison Michael Orenstein